the Monticello Tapes (name, artwork, characters, places, recordings, window dressings, etc) is the sole property of Harding Street Studios. Monticello, Ohio is a real place. However the people, places, and events described in these recordings are not. I know. It sounds like such a real thing. If you feel so compelled to do so get in your Honda Civic and zip out to Monticello, Ohio.

I have never been there.

It has a population of 0 people.

But if you want to go to a town that more closely resembles Monticello, continue in your Honda Civic over to Mount Vernon, Ohio. It’s a charming little hamlet that TOTALLY could be the scene of a rampant murder/kidnapping cover-up saga. Not to knock Mt. Vernon, it’s a wonderful place.

No Animals were hurt in the meltdown of Monticello. And these tapes are certified organic unlike Shirley Belvidere’s flowers.

OH, one last thing. Any description or depiction of any person, place, or event mentioned in these recordings are not meant to represent, appear to represent, or accidentally seem to represent actual people, places or events.