the Monticello Tapes

the Monticello Tapes

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On March 13 Elizabeth O’Neil was murdered in Monticello…


…and then on march 30, Jack Stone was arrested for murder.

You probably never heard about that. Or Elizabeth’s death. Or the Timkin girl’s kidnapping. Or anything else that happened in Monticello, Ohio in March of 2019. It was kept fairly quiet.

But the world needs to know.

Jack Stone was wrongly arrested. He maintains his innocence and claims the case against him is part of a larger conspiracy. Elizabeth O’Neil supposedly died of natural causes. But for whatever reason Jack Stone knew different. He knew the truth. The truth the authorities of Monticello don’t want you to hear.

Luckily, during those 17 days in March between the death and the arrest, Jack recorded audio journals explaining in detail the bizarre and terrifying events that unfolded. We are now sharing those recordings with you in what we are calling: the Monticello Tapes.

the village

the evidence

the tapes


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